Aug 242010
Authors: Jim Sojourner

Anyone who can help police identify individuals involved in Sunday morning’s Old Town riot could make some extra cash.

Larimer County Crime Stoppers is offering rewards to people who can identify rioters in video or photos to be released by the Fort Collins Police Services if that tip leads to an arrest and if investigators are unable to identify the individuals on their own.

Crime Stoppers board member and former Fort Collins Mayor Ray Martinez said rewards will start at $100, according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan. He said the offer may also be extended to people who can identify rioters in bystander video and pictures as long as those tips also lead to an arrest.

Some citations were issued at the scene of the riot and up to six arrests have been made, but no names have been released.

No students have been identified as participating in the riot, but in Colorado, bystanders at a riot can also be prosecuted, according to a CSU press release.

A student arrested for participating or watching a riot faces possible suspension or expulsion from CSU upon conviction and cannot return to school for at least one year, according to state law.

Sunday’s riot broke out at the intersection of College and Mountain avenues at about 2 a.m. Sunday when FCPS responded to a mob of about 400 people who flooded the area and began damaging personal property and local businesses.

On Monday, FCPS Spokeswoman Rita Davis said that two men got into a fight outside of the 100 Octane Bar and Night Club in Old Town Square shortly before the riot broke out. The men were kicked out of the bar but continued to fight in the street, after which several other unrelated fights broke out.

Once police arrived, the commotion escalated to throwing furniture, lighting trashcans on fire and further physical fighting. Police responded with tear gas and pepper spray and recorded video and photos of the riot, both of which are being used to determine the identity of the rioters.

To call in a tip, call Crime Stoppers at 970-221-6868.

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*Got Info About the Old Town Riot? *

Larimer County Crime Stoppers is offering rewards to people who can identify rioters in video or photos released to the public by Fort Collins Police Services or posted by other people. If you have a tip, Call Crime Stoppers at 970-221-6868.

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