To a better 2010, Rams

Aug 242010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Colorado State Rams football: A term that, with the exception of 2008, has been pretty much irrelevant for the second half of the past decade.

But the team’s history of being a second-thought in the college football world is sure to change. Well, we can hope.

Last season’s embarrassing 3-9 record was salvaged thanks to beating CU-Boulder at Folsom Field. But we’re fearful that the rushing of the field and stomping on the CU logo at midfield after a glorious win against our rival could come back and bite the Rams in the you-know-what. Oh well.

Still, the 2010 season is a brand new frontier for the Rams — a chance to succeed where a year ago the team did not.

Sure, in 2009 CSU may have had the worst league record in the then-11 year history of the Mountain West Conference, but this team looks miles ahead of where it was a season ago. Players are bigger, faster and seem to have a better attitude on the practice field.

Also advantageous this season is the fact both TCU (ranked No. 6 in the preseason AP Top 25) and Brigham Young plays CSU in Fort Collins — could this be the year the Rams pull a major upset?

And, even though the season kickoff is still more than a week away and no one has proven anything, you better look out, America, because the CSU Rams are crashing the BCS party this year (we can dream, can’t we)!

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