Aug 242010
Authors: Courtney Riley

CSU’s Morgan Library is in the process of becoming a new building.

Brian Chase, Facilities Management director, said renovations to create more study space for students will begin in about a month and could take anywhere from 18 months to two years to complete.

The plan is to relocate the checkout counter, redo the entryway and build an additional study space in the front of the library that will hold about 300 students.

Chase said that a cafe space is also to be included in the renovations.

It will be located in the east section of the library –– the area just inside of the main entrance –– which currently holds new books.

Sketches of the new cafe are complete and will be ready to bid to the University Facility Fee Advisory Board, UFFAB, in a few weeks to get the plan approved and start construction in about a month.

Chase explained that each student is paying $5 per credit hour to pay for the $16.4 million renovation. The Facilities Management Department was granted a requested fee increase to the already $10 per credit hour facility fee last spring, meaning students saw a $150 increase –– from $300 to $450 a year –– in required contribution.

Engineering II will receive $40 million for building renovations and $16.4 million will pay for the library upgrades. Library renovation expenses, Chase said, was approved last month by UFFAB.

When the renovations take place, the Behavioral Sciences Building, completed earlier this month, will serve as a library annex. Patrick Burns, dean of libraries, said this annex will be a permanent resource.

“Services are ramping up in the BSB and should be in their initial phase within a couple of weeks. Additional services will come up over time,” he said.

The Morgan Library will still be open to students during renovation but some spaces may be inaccessible, Burns said. The additional space offered by the Behavioral Science Building will alleviate congestion in study areas. Burns said that some space in the library may be inaccessible throughout the renovation process.

The Behavioral Sciences Building is equipped with 10 group study rooms, which Burns said will be a beneficial resource to students, especially during busy times of the year like mid-terms and finals.

Miles Webster, a sophomore wildlife biology major, said that even though the renovations to the library might make the CSU campus look nicer, “It’ll always be pretty busy.”

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The Library’s Makeover:

  • Planned upgrades:
  • Relocation of checkout counter
  • Renovated entryway
  • Added study space to accommodate about 300 students
  • Time to complete: between 18 months and two years
  • Cost:$16.4 million
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