Yays and Nays

Aug 232010

Yay | to the new Colorado State facilities that have been recently renovated. The facelift on the some of the residence halls: pretty; The Rec Center addition: stunning. The Collegian Newsroom: looks like Carl’s Jr. threw up all over the place.

Nay |to random first-day-of-school downpours. And nothing’s more annoying than freshmen who can’t follow walking etiquette except for wet freshmen who can’t follow walking etiquette.

Yay | to CSU Police and the university community knocking on doors for Campus Welcome this week. Finally no need to panic when the Po Po is at your door.

Nay | to Old Town riots, just in general. They’re bad, mmmk? How about we just don’t burn down the area where those of age enjoy drinking, cool?

Yay | to CSU volleyball starting this week. Finally, a reason to be proud to be a CSU Ram.

Nay | to the first week of classes. And textbook prices, really? If we wanted to get screwed monetarily we’d go to college in Colora … wait.

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