Don’t walk like an idiot

Aug 232010

Walking on campus the first few weeks of school brings up the question: Are there really this many people who have never walked in public?

People can barely make it to their first class without seeing or being involved in an accident due to neglectful and ignorant campus navigation.

Freshmen and others poorly versed in the beautiful art of walking in crowds will, and need to, learn the etiquette at play while going to and from class. This seems to be a taboo topic that is necessary for getting home in one piece.

Standing or even walking in a bike lane is an act that can and will result in a bike/longboard/pedestrian accident. These will not, as you can imagine, have a pretty aftermath.

They are called bike lanes for a reason; they have a picture of a bike on the sign for a reason. So for the happiness and well being of everyone on campus, please obey it.

Please treat four-way intersections as you would in a vehicle.

For those of you who never received or have had your license legally removed, this means to stop and look for others that may be crossing at the same time. Believe it or not, this happens.

Simply crossing a street with your eyes trained ahead, walking in front of buses like you’re Superman is a poor strategy to adopt.

Freshmen, if you learn nothing else this syllabus week, please learn that the sidewalks of CSU are not to be trifled with by those naive to common human civility.

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