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Authors: Hannah Cornish

Fort Collins families, meet rowdy 20-something CSU students.

This is the introduction CSU’s Community Welcome program is attempting to make, and has been for the past nine years. On Wednesday evening, students, university staff members and police officers will visit about 2,000 homes near campus.

Considering the potentially problematic situation of 20-year-old students living next-door to families with three young children, it was necessary to implement a system that provides a mutual understanding and respect between the two parties, CSU and city officials said.

The goal of the Community Welcome, according to a press release, is to start building a community between students and long-term Fort Collins residents.

Melissa Emerson, assistant director of Off-Campus Life, said the program has different highlights each year, focusing on different aspects that will better connect CSU to the community.

This year, Community Welcome’s goal is to promote Party Registration. The program, established by CSU students who had previously been ticketed for noise violations, allows students to inform the police of parties ahead of time.

Party Registration’s purpose is to help students avoid tickets, fines and having to take a required noise class following citation.

The program gives police the address of the house at which the party is held and two primary phone numbers at which the party planners can be reached at.

If someone calls in a noise complaint for the registered addresses, police call the given numbers and give the students 20 minutes to break the party up with no consequences.

If the party is not broken up within those 20 minutes and another noise complaint is called in for the same address, students could suffer greater consequences than they would have otherwise.

Emerson said that 97 percent of students say they would register their party again and that 99 percent say Party Registration should be offered year-round.

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