Aug 222010
Authors: Jordyn Dahl

Despite a large cut to the CSU Fort Collins campus’s operating budget, CSU officials say that this year’s overall 10.2 percent increase in fees and tuition will allow the university to hire more professors and improve campus facilities.

The CSU System Board of Governors released this year’s budget in June and undergraduate residents are looking at a 9 percent increase in tuition as well as 1.2 percent increase in fees.

“We believe that the resources provided for these increases will enable us to keep classes open and open new degree programs,” said Provost and Executive Vice President Rick Miranda.

The changes in tuition will affect CSU Fort Collins and CSU-Pueblo’s campuses. CSU-Pueblo’s tuition increased 7.9 percent, including fees.

Both undergraduate and graduate students will be affected by the changes in tuition, as will other departments. The CSU System office budget, however, remained the same at $4.5 million.

“We had decreased our budget by 11 percent last year, so we’re maintaining the status quo,” said Michelle McKinney, spokeswoman for the BOG.

Below is a breakdown of increases in tuition for undergraduate and graduate students:

CSU Fort Collins Campus

  • Undergraduate resident: 9 percent increase
  • Undergraduate non-resident: 3 percent increase
  • Graduate resident: 15 percent increase
  • Graduate non-resident: 5 percent increase

CSU-Pueblo Campus

  • Undergraduate resident: 9 percent increase
  • Undergraduate non-resident: No increase
  • Graduate resident: 9 percent increase
  • Graduate non-resident: No increase

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