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Aug 222010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

To the dismay of some students, the CSU System Board of Governors voted unanimously Jan. 15 to ban concealed weapons carry on both the CSU-Fort Collins and CSU– Pueblo campuses. The board charged each campus president with drafting his own policy, due back by February.

The Collegian Editorial Board fired back in an editorial, “Board of Governors, stop being pansies.” In essence, it said that the BOG didn’t take into consideration student opinion on the issue –– 1,200 students signed a student government petition against the ban.

Facing a pending lawsuit by gun advocates, the BOG voted unanimously on May 5 to revoke its ban on concealed weapons on campus. From the time the board announced its decision to both implement and revoke its weapons ban, the Collegian Editorial Board wrote five editorials.

But why is this important?

With each school year comes a slew of campus, state and national issues that affect students, faculty, administrators, politicians and residents of Fort Collins.

As a media consumer, you’ll read stories about these issues as they pop up. Sometimes, you will understand the corresponding implications. Other times, you won’t.

A body of nine Collegian editors, the Collegian Editorial Board, meets daily to discuss content running in the next day’s paper. But most importantly, these nine editors –– representing News, Sports, Entertainment, Design and Photography –– look at campus, local, national and international goings-on and editorialize about issues they think impact our readers.

Once a topic is selected, one editor volunteers to write a 250-word (ish) column reflecting the board’s stance.

This is called Our View. It is anonymous because, well, it’s our view, as a whole Collegian.

As you read the news during the year, check page four to see where we stand. If you agree with what we say, then great. If you don’t, write a Letter to the Editor and send it along with your name and number to letters@collegian.com.

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