Aug 222010
Authors: Samuel Lustgarten

The mere thought of theocratic extremists at the helm of nuclear warheads leaves me diffident and uncharacteristically speechless.

Iran is less than 30 days from having a working nuclear reactor that enriches Uranium to about 3.5 percent. That’s a far cry from the 90 percent needed to create a warhead, but it’s a start. And in this hyperbolic, 24-hour news cycle, my heart skips a beat.

It’s not Iran that actually worries me – it’s Israel.

Israel became an independent state in 1948. Since then, Israelis have been responsible for the hegemonic control of Palestine. Israelis have slaughtered thousands like some detritus material.

Funny, or perhaps I should say ironic, that this Freudian repetition compulsion is perpetrated. Nazi’s exterminated millions of Jews in the holocaust. Instead of rebuilding in Germany, they took occupied land from Arabs. In fact, before the sordid state arose, Jews and Palestinians lived in harmony.

Israel erected walls, mapped official borders, took control of the holy land of Jerusalem, restricted freedom of movement and decimated settlements to create room for Jews to encroach onto the West Bank.

The Oslo Accords, which were officially signed in 1993, were hailed as a milestone. Chairman Yasser Arafat, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and President Clinton were all in attendance. The agreement called for the withdrawal of Israeli troops from segments of the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

But unfortunately for Palestinians, a megalomaniac by the name of Binyamin Netanyahu became the Prime Minister of Israel in 1996. During the campaign trail Netanyahu engaged in a clever chicanery.

Intentions with Gaza and the West Bank were bloody. The subterfuge of the Oslo Accords didn’t become readily evident until an all-too-candid video recently surfaced that shows Netanyahu smiling and explaining his overtly opaque approach to peace.

In response to honoring the accords: “I’m going to interpret the accords… [This] would allow me to put an end to this galloping forward to the ’67 borders.”

The Oslo Accords attempted to define the retreat and peace. It would come from delineated militarized zones. Netanyahu injected ambiguity into the agreement and stated, “Nobody said what defined military zones were.” From his perspective, the entire Jordan Valley represented a militarized zone. The valley stretches from Israel to Jordan, effectively eliminating Palestine.

With mounting pressure from the U.S., Netanyahu agreed to the most recent set of peace talks with current Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas. On Sept. 2, direct talks about peace will resume in Washington.

As the Zionist sits down to the all-but-mandatory meeting with Abbas, expectations are low and hope is dwindling. For Netanyahu to actually capitulate and relinquish his choke-hold on the disputed territories would not only be out of character but also fly in the face of Ehud Barak’s, Israel’s defense minister, $4 billion purchase of F-35I fighter jets.

It’s not enough to jail, barricade and suffocate Palestinians through targeted missiles, murders and torture. As the defense minister says, planes will afford Israel with an “aerial supremacy.” How many Lockheed Martin fighter jets would be necessary for this dominance? Israel thinks 20 should be a nice, round number. With little more than inexpensive explosives and suicide bombers, Palestine is already left defenseless.

The impending peace dialogs will afford little more than lunch-hour entertainment to the 24/7 news industry.

Zionism continues to stifle progress towards peace. The blind arrogance and ignorance within Israel’s leadership is truly disturbing. As Americans, we signed the checks and pushed for the state’s creation. Israel’s blood is ours, too.

Religious zealots, bigots and rapacious leaders have held onto power far too long. Netanyahu should immediately be impeached and tried for war crimes. The spigot of infinite American tax dollars must stop – for both parties, Arab and Israeli.

Continued strife in the Middle East will define our generation’s grasp of international relations and war. This is our Cold War. Threat of nuclear war continues to escalate. Iran’s nuclear ambition confluences with Israel’s reckless destruction of hallowed grounds all too well.

The banality of Israeli plight hardly pulls at my heartstrings. Progress will be made when religious recalcitrance and Zionism devolve and evanesce. Until then, cheers to aerial supremacy.

Samuel Lustgarten is a senior psychology major. His column appears on Mondays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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