Yays and Nays

Aug 122010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to the upcoming Bohemian Nights at the New West Fest event this weekend. The Flobots, Earth, Wind & Fire and Earl Scruggs … Mile High Music Festival, eat your heart out.

Nay | to school starting in a week. But look on the bright side … well, there really isn’t one.

Yay | to unusual campus traditions. Here’s a potential new one: Free beer at the Ramskeller for Collegianites? We can only hope.

Nay | to needing parking permits for the “Q,” “W,” “X,” “Y,” “Z” and “A” lots again. It was nice being lazy. Now us broke students need to do that walking or biking thing they always talk about.

Yay | to starting a fresh new year of school. Find something you enjoy doing and go for it. Plus, who doesn’t like back-to-school shopping?

Nay | to the time to wear shorts and flip flops slowly slipping away. Pants and hoodies, here we come. 

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