CSU billing goes paperless

Aug 122010
Authors: Nick Childs

CSU’s system for billing is being made easier, greener and more efficient this semester.

During last year’s fall semester, CSU mailed out more than 27,000 billing statements to students and families, said Christie Leighton, associate director for Student Financial Services.

That won’t be happening this year; CSU billing is going paperless.

“It is green and saving the school money, and it is more clear and more efficient,” said Dan Gearhart, former student government president, who ran on a platform aiming to create a paperless billing system.

Anytime you can reduce postage, printing and paper by that much, it’s going to save the university a significant amount of money, Leighton said.

Students will now receive e-mails when their billing statements are ready, and those bills can be viewed on their RAMweb accounts under the “Billing Information” section.

The payment dates, Leighton said, will also be different this year.

In the past, there was an optional payment plan that spanned across the first three months of each semester.

Starting this fall, payments will be due on Sept. 10 for the fall semester and Feb. 10 for the spring semester, she said.
The new system, Leighton said, is better for students for many reasons, including that it makes payments for students with financial aid easier.

Before, it took time for financial aid to show up on billing statements. Now it appears sooner and will be available for the Sept.10 payment date, she said.

Another key to the electronic billing system is the simplicity of it, both Leighton and Gearhart agreed.

This new system was an important part of Gearhart and Vice President Tim Hole’s platform because it was an attainable goal that would greatly benefit the university, Gearhart said.

Students, he said, are more tech-savvy now with e-mail and other amenities on their phones. With the new program, they immediately know how much they owe and when it’s due instead of having to wait for the postal service to give them this information via “snail-mail.”

This system is going to be very successful, Leighton said, if students get into a good habit of checking their CSU e-mail accounts and get accustomed to the new system.
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