Aug 122010
Authors: Jordyn Dahl

Student government President Cooper Anderson expected to hit the ground running this summer after clinching his and Vice President Jennifer Babos’s election by 88 votes in April.

But Anderson said the pair has struggled to put their campaign goals into concrete plans over the past few months.

Despite the slow start, Anderson said he and Babos have been working on the foundation necessary to begin implementing their goals, which include enhancing sexual assault education on campus and lowering the wait time for CSU’s safe ride program RamRide.

“We’re laying the ground work for reaching our goals,” Anderson said. “We’re also being realistic about what our goals should be.”

Babos said she is working on the duo’s platform of increasing education about sexual assault on campus and making students aware of university resources by collecting ideas from students and administrators before creating a plan of action. Flyers with the campus’s sex assault resources will be delivered to the dorms within the first month of school.

“This is something that is really important and never really addressed,” Babos said.

For his part, Anderson primarily has worked with Colorado lawmakers and the CSU System Board of Governors this summer to continue the discussion on higher education funding and what that means for CSU, amid a looming state funding crisis. He has also worked to build the relationship between the BOG and the student government.

“I think they really care about our students,” Anderson said. “I’m very excited about working with them.”

Although the details are still being worked out, the president and vice president are coordinating with different programs to enlist a new dispatch system to better organize RamRide and make it more efficient.

The current program is unorganized and has too many faults, Anderson said.

The executives also hope to increase the size of the fleet of cars by getting more money for the endowment fund used to pay for the safe ride program, which is already in place but hasn’t received any new donations in recent years.

Of particular interest to the general student population during the spring campaign, the duo has also started a discussion with the CSU administration to bring an end to 7 a.m. finals, a possibility that Anderson said has been welcomed by the university’s top-level leaders.

While their primary goals involved the university as whole, the pair also intends to improve how things are run internally with student government, particularly in regard to accountability within ASCSU.

The senate, in past years, has been unorganized with many senators losing interest or becoming disconnected from their position throughout the year, Anderson said.

“We’re trying to get everyone involved and working toward the same goal,” he said.
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