Aug 102010
Authors: Jason Berlinberg

I don’t know what it is, but Will Ferrell just has a knack for making people laugh. It’s no different this time around, even when Ferrell is playing one of his most reserved characters yet.

In “The Other Guys,” Ferrell is Allen Gamble, a mild mannered pencil pusher for the New York Police Department. His partner, Terry Hoitz, is his polar opposite. Terry, played by Mark Wahlberg, is an aggressive type who fits the mold of the “bad cop” in the famous good cop/bad cop routine.

Terry was on his way through the ranks until a hilarious mishap left him shamed for life and back at the bottom of the food chain. Now he is partnered with Allen and neither of them can get any respect from their peers.

You can completely disregard the story in “The Other Guys;” it doesn’t matter. What does matter is all the comedic payoff between Ferrell and Wahlberg, something that averted me in “Dinner For Schmucks.”

All of the little quirks that the cop duo has are so original. You will definitely be laughing when they show up throughout the movie. For example, Allen’s preposterous ability to attract gorgeous women.

You expect plenty of laughs from Ferrell, but Wahlberg’s performance in this comedy is a pleasant surprise. Terry’s dissimilarity to Allen is what propels the movie forward and ultimately the reason why their partnership is interesting.

In the line of Will Ferrell comedies, “The Other Guys” is far from the best. Don’t get me, wrong this movie is funny, but people expecting to see a film that’s on the same comedic level as “Anchorman” will be disappointed. Go in expecting a good time and enjoy the laughs that follow.

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