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Jul 272010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Nestled against the Fort Collins foothills, in the shadow of Horsetooth Reservoir and that big Aggie “A,” sits the Holiday Twin Theatre.

However, Holiday Twin isn’t a normal, air-conditioned, cookie-cutter theater; it’s one of a dying breed –– the drive-in.

You see, in the 1950s there were more than 4,000 drive-in theaters across the United States. These parking lots-turned-cinema adventures symbolize the American way of life –– the apple pie, muscle car, sock-hop, prosperous times.

Nowadays American culture is symbolized with double cheeseburgers, gas-guzzling SUVs and an endless stream of crap 24-hour news network TV. And the apple pie, well they sell those for a buck in something that resembles a deflated Hot Pocket.

But us Choice City residents are lucky. We can hearken back to those simpler days because we have a Holiday Twin.

We’re lucky because Fort Collins has one of the eight remaining Colorado drive-in theaters. In fact, the U.S. boasts now just more than 400 drive-in theaters.

Our past is quickly slipping away. If we don’t latch on to what we have left, we’re going to get stuck in the present, which looks like a bastardized version of the good life.

So pack up a blanket, some pillows, lawn chairs, whatever you need, and check out a drive-in.
Trust us, it’s a slice of American pie that always goes down smoothly.

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