Yays and Nays

Jul 202010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to the National League All-Stars for winning the MLB All-Star game. It’s about time the world witnesses a snow-filled Rockies World Series.

Nay | to Colorado gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis for plagiarizing several documents about water-policy issues, for which he received a $300,000 grant to write. It’s cool though, Scotty, the Republican Party gives you a pass. You’ll receive an F for the assignment, but they will not report it on your final transcript.

Yay | to Rocky Mountain Showdown tickets going on sale. We could talk about dirty hippies and grilling Buffaloes, but we’re gunna take the high road. We wouldn’t want to gloat about CU’s crushing defeat on their own turf. Or when we stormed their field. Or when we took some of that turf home with us.

Nay | to Tour de Fat 2010 being on the same day as the Rocky Mountain Showdown. How are us loyal students and beer-drinkers supposed to split time between our two favorite activities: drinking beer and watching others drink beer?

Yay | to CSU professor Sue James being named as the Mechanical Engineering Department chair. No only did she pave the way as the first female faculty member in the department with her 1994 hire, but also she’s the first woman to hold the department’s chair position. Kudos.

Nay | to the recent instances of crime in Fort Collins. If this keeps up, people are going to have to start locking their houses. Oh, just kidding.

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