Jul 202010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

With the Scott McInnis campaign imploding before the eyes of Republicans across the state, it may be time for the Republican Party to unveil its secret weapon.

And no, we’re not talking about a well-focused attack on the failings of the incumbent Democrat governor Bill Ritter or a rational strategy to take advantage of Colorado’s still-struggling economy or even a plan to harness the anti-government sentiments sweeping the country. We’re talking about the anti-immigrant weapon, Tom Tancredo.

The McInnis campaign is toast. Despite the Republican candidate’s assurances that he will soldier on amid disturbing plagiarism accusations, his campaign is on its way to a slow death. Even the most die-hard Republican hack-jobs will have a difficult time stomaching the lies and blame-slinging McInnis has been quick to employ in an attempt to cover his own behind.

But against the mostly unknown and untested political greenhorn Dan Maes, it looks like McInnis still has a good shot at winning the Republican primary. Enter ol’ Tancredo.

In the unlikely event that McInnis eventually makes the right choice and exits the race –– after winning the Republican primary, of course –– Tancredo looms on the horizon like a giant bird of prey, ready to swoop in and grab the governor’s seat with his hate talons.

Lets be fair, Tancredo is too extreme of a candidate to be elected even in the state crazy enough to elect Douglas Bruce and enact the Tax Payers Bill of Rights. What is troubling is that the state Republicans have managed to mismanage their midterm election prospects so badly that Tancredo may actually be the most electable Republican candidate in Colorado.

Coloradans: You’ve entered the twilight zone.

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