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Authors: Madeline Novey

In fiscal year 2009, CSU saw an increase in donors and dollars raised throughout the year despite a national education report that revealed its peer universities experienced a decrease in the same year.

This increase –– 17 percent in its donor numbers and 6.6 percent increase in private money raised –– represents a “tremendous vote of confidence for CSU,” Vice President for University Advancement Brett Anderson said in a press release Tuesday.

FY10 brought 3,800 more donors into the CSU network, increasing net private university support from $54,461,975 to $58,036,907 –– or 6.6 percent.

While CSU showed an increase in support, a February Council for Aid to Education report showed that public research universities nationwide have seen more than a 13 percent decrease, on average, in private support.

Anderson, too, said that the increase in private support and money shows the strength of the Campaign for CSU, a national push to raise $500 million for academics, research and facilities construction. The campaign, which was announced on Aug. 29, has raised $340 million thus far.

“The campaign announcement went a long way to inspire CSU supporters to donate to the university,” CSU spokesman Brad Bohlander told the Collegian, adding that the university’s “tremendous leadership” went a long way to help the cause as well.

Of the two increases, Anderson said he was most excited about the 17 percent increase in donors. And what that shows, he said, is that a $25 gift makes a huge difference, “People don’t need to give $100,000” to change CSU.

Anderson believes the other factor in CSU’s overall support increase is that the university is doing a better job of telling its story.

“The thing is, we have the best students, the best faculty,” he said, adding that CSU has been too humble in the past about its “incredible programs” –– clean energy, infectious disease and cancer research, among others.

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