Yays and Nays

Jul 132010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to left turn only lanes onto campus being installed on Laurel Street. Great, now there’s no excuse for being late to class. Wait … the train.

Nay | to the sun. It burns. It’s hot. And it causes us pale Collegian workers so … much … pain.

Yay | to Colorado Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez starting for the National League at the MLB All-Star Game. Maybe he could play quarterback for the Denver Broncos, too.

Nay | to working. Really, we love you dear, dear readers, but we haven’t seen the sun all summer and the newsroom’s making us feisty.

Yay | to outdooring it in Fort Collins. You could either be happy, fit and active in the Choice City or you could be like us, cynical and angry toward happy, fit and active people.

Nay | to Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk battling prostate cancer. We want to give our support to his heroic battle and our wishes for a speedy recovery.

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