Go au naturale

Jul 132010

Imagine this: What if your favorite record store gave you carte blanche for an hour? A shopping spree where you could take all you want for free, as much as you could possibly handle.

Would you just look at the stickers? Would you just grab a few bargain-bin CDs? Would you just push the cart around for an hour, then leave?

Hell no.

You’d grab entire artist’s collections, whether they were your taste or not. You’d probably pile the most heinous of music on top of everything and anything else you could imagine it into that cart.

Now take this metaphor and apply it to the Choice City.

Fort Collins’ environment is the store, the interesting outdoor hotspots like Horsetooth and the Poudre are the products, and that dewy-eyed lucky contestant is us.

Yet so many in our campus community don’t fully take advantage of that kid-in-the-candy-shop mentality when it comes to Fort Collins’ great outdoor community.

It’s natural with students being a transient bunch, but we can’t afford to spend our four or so years on campus cooped in our respective apartments and residence halls. We’ll hate ourselves for it.

All we ask, Rammies, is to take a look around. Find something outdoorsy activity that appeals to you and live it up. And there are plenty to choose from.

Don’t leave CSU regretting that you never witnessed the beauty or experienced the fun that outdoor life in Fort Collins can offer.

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