Yays and Nays

Jul 062010

Yay | to large, drunken American holidays. Nothing kicks off a Fourth like explosions and booze.

Nay | to holiday/summer traffic last weekend. For real? The Eisenhower Tunnel had more travelers go through itself than hotdogs went through those Coney Island eating contestants.

Yay | to Fort Collins for persevering through the rain to shoot off fireworks. Loveland is a bunch of July 5, firework-watchin’ suckers.

Nay | to construction throughout the city. At some point, crazy drivers are just gunna have to go over medians and through bike lanes to get to work on time. Bikers and pedestrians beware.

Yay | to the 63 Rams named scholar athletes. Now if we could just get those darn Collegian journalists to follow suit …

Nay | to the death of recent graduate and fellow journalism major Mary Warren. Our condolences go out to all family and friends grieving this loss.

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