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Jul 062010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Often times, Our View is a forum for discussion and evaluation of tuition increases, city awards, controversial housing ordinances and the successes and failures of people within the CSU and Fort Collins communities.

Other times, it allows the Collegian Editorial Board to opine on the war, gay rights, the devastated economy, immigration and the higher education crisis.

But sometimes, it serves as a place to highlight that which the Collegian editors find funny, saddening or just plain weird. That’s the case today.

In mid-June authorities found the bodies of James and June Stevens in a Wyalusing, Penn. home. The catch is, this isn’t a murder story.

Both James and June Stevens are in the careful and loving care of their wife and twin sister, 91-year-old Jean Stevens. She dug the pair up shortly after they died –– James in 1999 and June in October.

Jean told the Associated Press that she kept the embalmed remains of her loved ones because she wanted to be able to see them, talk to them. And claustrophobic herself, she couldn’t stand the thought of them being buried under ground.

At this point, authorities have considered several violations, including misdemeanor abuse of a corpse and possible health code violations –– bodies must be disinterred.
Charges could by made as early as Friday, according to Bradford County District Attorney Daniel Barrett.

On the other end, if she wants to keep her husband and sister, Jean must build a mausoleum or crypt.

What Jean Stevens has done is a societal oddity with a twist of morbidity, that’s for sure. But what she’s done –– attempted to stay connected to the two people she loves –– is not criminal.

Give her time to install a mausoleum, Pennsylvania. Don’t separate her from her family.

To read the entire story, Google: “DA: Pa. woman may keep corpses if she builds crypt.”

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