Yays and Nays

Jun 292010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to England’s poor showing at this year’s World Cup. It must be pretty humiliating for the Brits to exit the worldwide tournament in worse fashion than the U.S.

Nay | to the U.S. soccer team losing in its first elimination game of the World Cup. The Yanks put up a good effort but lost to Ghana, a country about the size of Wyoming. Ouch.

Yay | to university sanctioned holidays. See, for us summer schoolers, the Fourth of July isn’t just another day of relaxing vacation, it’s a break from the hell of two-hour-long classes.

Nay | to mosquito bites. Not only do they leave itchy, annoying bumps but also they give people West Nile. Seriously, what good use does the world have for mosquitoes?

Yay | to things that go boom in the sky, specifically fireworks. But we do not condone the use of firecrackers, bottle rockets, Roman candles, air bombs, repeaters, artillery shells, smoke bombs or anything else fun. Snakes suck.

Nay | to wild fires. Fires are not cool, especially when they start in an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s house. Psycho.

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