Jun 292010
Authors: Madeline Novey

A computer, projector and two master keys to the Clark Building were reported stolen from a room in the Psychology Department Friday morning, according to a report from the CSU Police Department.

The burglar is thought to have entered through a garden-level window after removing the screen.

After the incident, a building proctor for Clark sent an e-mail to employees, who work in any of the building’s three wings, about the burglary.

CSU Officer Christopher Robertson said in the report that as of Saturday he had received no reports of further missing items or burglary crimes in Clark.

There are no known suspects or leads in the case at this time.

In a separate incident in March, CSUPD arrested a man in connection to 20 on-campus burglaries. In response to the break-ins, CSUPD Chief Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt reminded the campus community to be certain to lock the doors and windows of offices and laboratories.

“It is also important to lock academic buildings after they are closed –– even if you are working late –– and to keep your personal information and valuable items in a secure place at all times,” Rich-Goldschmidt said in a press release.

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