Jun 292010
Authors: Jason Berlinberg

Just as “Toy Story 3” had me convinced that more good movies were sure to come out this summer, my optimism has been destroyed by last week’s release, “Knight and Day.”

This film looks pretty darn good on paper. It has a good cast, an accomplished director and some exciting action sequences as evidenced by the trailer –– made all the more better with Muse blaring in the background.

You would think with that formula that the final result would be something along the lines of “Mission Impossible” or even “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” It turns out that “Knight and Day” is unlike both of those films, and, frankly, it has trouble deciding what type of movie it wants to be.

Tom Cruise plays agent Roy Miller, who works for the CIA but supposedly has gone rogue. He’s at the airport when he bumps into (literally) June Havens, played by Cameron Diaz. The two end up on the same flight, for better or for worse.

On the airplane, June returns from powdering her nose to find that every passenger on the flight has been killed, except for Roy.

After mulling over, at length, whatever possibly could’ve occurred, June realizes that the man she bumped into in the airport is not just another guy. Much like the audience, she’s stuck along for the ride to figure out what Roy’s mission is.

So many good talents are wasted on this film. The script gives the actors absolutely nothing to work with, causing many scenes to become predictable and uninteresting.

While Cruise keeps things entertaining as the star of the show, Paul Dano is criminally underutilized and isn’t able to display any of the talent he showed off in “There Will Be Blood.” As for Diaz … honestly, she just becomes grating after a while.

“Knight and Day” is supposed to be a full-out action movie, but it’s not. At times it feels like a parody of action films. Neither the action nor the comedy work the way they should, resulting in a confusing jumble of ineffective scenes.

Overall, the movie’s inconsistencies make for an uneven final product that leaves a lot to be desired.

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