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Authors: Nick Childs

Fort Collins offers its residents a multitude of breweries, many of which cater to local culture by cultivating their version of the perfect summer beer.

*New Belgium Brewery: Skinny Dip and Hagdorn’s Helles *

New Belgium Brewery aims to provide an opportunity for Fort Collins residents to get to know the brewery on a more personal level, said Erin Hughes, a New Belgium Liquid Center representative.

This summer, New Belgium is promoting their summer-seasonal, “Skinny Dip.”

For this “citrusy, light” brew, “It’s not necessarily about the beer, but what the beer stands for,” Hughes said.

Part of Skinny Dip’s proceeds are put toward causes like saving the Cache la Poudre River. New Belgium gives 1 percent of all revenue to various non-governmental organizations.

Ads for the beer, which feature the banks of the Poudre, are designed to show New Belgium’s commitment to being a part of nature and helping it, she said.

For a limited time only, New Belgium will also be offering Hagdorn’s Helles, which is currently Hughes’s favorite beer.

The patience that went into getting the combination of ingredients just right is what Hughes said makes this beer so great.

“It’s a beer’s beer, and it reminds me of Germany and of my grandmother,” she said.

CooperSmith’s Pub and Brewing: Mountain Avenue Wheat

CooperSmith’s will be offering various different brews for a limited time throughout the summer, but their summer-mainstay is Mountain Avenue Wheat, said head brewer Dwight Hall.

They released this beer in April, and it will be offered until October.

The brewers at CooperSmith’s said that this German Hefeweizen, a type of wheat beer, “is the perfect summer beer,” Hall said.

The Bavarian yeast that they use, combined with the half wheat malt and half pale malt, Hall said, give this beer its distinct taste.

“The flavors that come forward make it really refreshing and easy to drink,” he said.

Odell Brewing Co: St. Lupulin and Double Pilsner

Odell’s Double Pilsner, which is the company’s spin on traditionally pale lager, has a “strong German pilsner malt profile,” according to a description of the new brew.

The balance of the Munich malt and Caramalt that are used to brew this beer give this beer its pilsner profile, the description said.

Amanda Johnson, spokeswoman for Odell’s, said Double Pilsner is a favorite among employees and customers.

For that reason, Johnson said she suspects the 100 barrels of the brewery’s award-winning beer that were shipped out last Friday, to go very quickly.

The official summer-seasonal for Odell, St. Lupulin, was released in May and will be offered through September.

This is a light, “extra pale ale” that offers a citrusy taste, Johnson said.

Lupulin, a yellow resin found within the hops of this beer, distinguish this beer and give it a “pleasing floral aroma and clean, crisp finish,” according to information released by the brewery.

CB Potts and Big Horn Brewing: Bare Foot Wit Ale

CB Potts is currently offering the Bare Foot Wit, a “Belgian White”-style beer, as its summer-seasonal brew.

“The beer is fairly light in body, dry in finish and highly carbonated, making it refreshing for summer consumption,” said Regional Brewer Kirk Lombardi.

This ale, Lombardi said, uses combination of barely malt, wheat malt and oats and German hops.

The beer, he said, has a slight citrus profile, provided by the Curacao orange peel and American lemon grass that is used in the brewing process, and is served with an orange wheel on the glass to add to the beer’s refreshing taste.

Six breweries call Fort Collins home, and these four offer their own spin on what they see as an ideal beer to sip on during the summer.

Staff writer Nick Childs can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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