Jun 222010
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

The CSU System Board of Governors will discuss a proposed tuition increase Thursday, which could hike tuition more than $400 annually for resident students.

At BOG Chairman Pat McConathy’s ranch in McCoy, university administrators will discuss tacking on another 9 percent, or $434, for in-state students and a 3 percent, or $622 increase, for out-of-state students, said BOG spokeswoman Michele McKinney.

Between the 2000-2001 and 2009-2010 academic years, undergraduate tuition has more than doubled for resident students, with a cumulative increase of $2,414. Out-of-state tuition nearly doubled itself, increasing $10,316 over those 10 years.

The proposed fiscal year 2011 budget includes a $116.34 increase each semester for students taking 15 credits in the student fee package. CSU President Tony Frank’s Cabinet has approved the increase, and the final decision is up to the BOG, CSU spokesman Brad Bohlander confirmed in a phone call to the Collegian.

Students currently pay a $784.06 fee each semester. The student government-approved increase would take that number to $864.40.

The additional student fees can be broken down into:
ASAP, – $3.50 annually,

The Associated Students for CSU – $1.50 annually,
Campus Recreation – $1.80 annually,

Facilities – $5 per credit hour, or $150 annually for a 15-credit student, and

The School of the Arts – $5.88 annually.

McKinney said the meeting will likely include talk about the recently-passed Senate Bill 3, which gives Colorado universities the opportunity to petition the Colorado Commission on Higher Education for the ability to raise tuition more than the current 9 percent cap for the 2011-2012 school year.

These talks, though, would be preliminary, she said, as the BOG and CSU administrators have yet to tackle the budget situation for that fiscal year.

This is the first year the BOG’s retreat is being held at a board member’s home with no public relations officials attending.

The board, McKinney said, will be talking about more than budgets and institutional changes.

Today, board members will spend time getting to know one and other on a more personal level, she said, adding that it’s rare when the board members have time to socialize among themselves.

McConathy asked his colleagues to read “How the Mighty Fall,” by Jim Collins, and “Building Trust in Business, Politics, Relationships, and Life,” by R.C. Solomon and F. Flores, which McKinney said will help them be more effective as a governing body.

The board will also take a look at a recently concluded study analyzing faculty workload, but will focus on that more during their Aug. 10 and 11 meetings at the CSU-Pueblo campus.
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Big-ticket agenda items

Vote on a 9 percent- or $434-annual tuition increase, for in-state students
Vote on a 3 percent- or $622-annual tuition increase for out-of-state students
Vote on the newly revamped Faculty Manual

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