Jun 152010
Authors: Hannah Cornish

In an attempt to add spice to Old Town, a local event firm is bringing in untapped art forms to the street.

Inspired by the temporary closure of the Lincoln Center performing arts complex in May, Beet Street’s Marketing Coordinator Lindsey Heckle began planning Streetmosphere, a downtown festival that provides people who are roaming the streets with dancing, singing, juggling, magic and other visual art.

Painter Diane Findley said Fort Collins is becoming a “hot little art town,” and Streetmosphere will give her fellow artists the ability to display their talents and “share the process.”

Fort Collins residents can escape to Old Town every weekend until October and experience world arts and entertainment. Beet Street chose 57 acts to perform throughout the summer. Five locations will house acts simultaneously every weekend, on Friday’s from 4 to 8p.m., Saturday from 12 to 4p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5p.m.

Heckle estimated 3,700 people attended the first-ever Streetmosphere last weekend, where local musician Steve Eulberg said he had the chance to bring excitement and entertainment to the streets of his hometown.

“People can accidentally happen upon it,” he said, adding that the spontaneity of the performance adds to the appeal of sharing his passion with strangers.

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