May 092010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

CSU’s efforts toward increasing diversity on campus are clear. But after about three months of investigation by the Collegian, it’s apparent more needs to be done.

Among peer institutions, CSU’s graduation rates for diverse students consistently rank in the top three. While this is all well and good, critics say CSU needs to up enrollment of socioeconomic and ethnically diverse students and find ways to keep them involved on campus.

To spearhead these efforts, CSU President Tony Frank created the vice president of Diversity, for which there are four candidates, within his cabinet. And, while this is a step in the right direction, the word diversity needs to be clearly defined.

What is diversity? Is it ethnic? Is it socio-economic? Can it be broken down by gender or sexual orientation? How do students with disabilities fit in?

These are all questions CSU needs to answer carefully.

Though it’s been determined that CSU is closer to the top of its game than formerly thought –– some say diversity isn’t just having an eclectic group of students.

With a number of advocacy offices, student organizations and resource centers, students should have no problem finding an outlet to express and embrace their backgrounds.

If those offices aren’t your style, you can become a behind-the-scenes member of programs like The DREAM Project, which spends time at Poudre High School trying to get underrepresented students to apply to CSU and other universities.

Administrators are working toward diversifying CSU. Now students need to join the movement.

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