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Authors: Kate Bennis

As graduation quickly approaches and finals are on their way, “party time” may be the last thing that seniors are thinking about. Once the diplomas are doled out, however, the celebrating can begin.

So here’s a list of some ideas on how to be the host with the most during the graduation season.

For those interested in dining out for the event, the CB & Potts Clubhouse, located west of campus on Elizabeth Street, is a good route to go.

Although their Club House room is already booked for graduation weekend, later summer parties can be reserved at $100 an hour.

 The Stonehouse Grille, located in Old Town, is also a potential dining destination for graduates and their families.

 “We started taking reservations a long time ago, and so we’ll have several smaller parties at once,” said Paul Hutson, Stonehouse general manager.

 Students are able to reserve tables for up to 50 people at no charge. Hutson said that the rooftop patio would also be opened for larger parties.

For those looking for dinner and entertainment, Carousel Dinner Theater may be the best option. The company offers a discount for larger groups and provides a party planner/group coordinator for arrangement purposes.

Cookouts are a summer staple, and with the warm weather quickly approaching, barbecuing lends itself to a great set-up for grad parties. City Park, Edora, Lee Martinez and Fossil Creek Community Parks all have picnic areas for events.

These areas are on a first-come first-serve basis, so your best bet would be to get there as early as possible in order to claim your turf.
 Veering toward a less-conventional approach? Why not throw a pool party?

City Park Pool is available from 6 to 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday evenings for private gatherings. Those interested are able to call the facility at (970) 221-6202 for more information.

For those with a family full of Lebowski’s, throwing a bowling party at Chipper’s Lanes is ideal.

Chipper’s provides several bowling lanes for you and your guests and has an available party planner.

To add a little something extra, Fort Collins’ own Best Rental provides karaoke machines for one-day use.

What better way to celebrate the end of your college career than by singing some Creedence off-key with your second cousins?

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