May 072010
Authors: Allison Sylte

It was while hiking with his chocolate Labrador, Ophelia, when CSU graduate Brian Fate had a stroke of inspiration.

“There I was, drinking a sports beverage, and I thought to myself, ‘Hey, why do dogs only get to drink water?’” Fate said.

It was in that moment that Dogdration was born.

Dogdration is a brand of electrolyte and vitamin enhanced water for dogs, with an added peanut butter flavor to make it a special treat.

“Ophelia loves it,” Fate said.

Fate, 26, graduated from CSU in 2007 with a degree in natural resources. He is currently the founder and sole employee of Dogdration, but he is hoping to expand the company once his product catches on.

“With all the outdoor activity here in Colorado, dogs suffer from heat stroke and dehydration just as humans do if they are not given enough electrolytes,” said Matt Gauthier, the owner of Wagz, a pet store in Fort Collins. “There is definitely a place in the market for this product.”

Fate created the formula for Dogdration by Googling how to invent a beverage. His final product consists of deionized water, ginseng for overall health and wellbeing, vitamin C and glucosamine to promote joint and hip health.

“I ran the formula by three vets, and they all approved,” Fate said.

Fate doesn’t just use the formula as simply a means of hydration, and he said his dog also likes it frozen into ice cubes as well as poured over her food.

The company is currently based out of Kansas City, Mo., but the product is sold in two stores in Colorado, including Freshies-Organic Foods in Edwards and Wagz.

“Brian is a perfect example of entrepreneurship,” Gauthier said. “I expect his company to do well.”

And Fate said he has his CSU education to thank for his success as a businessman.

“My degree taught me how to communicate with basically anyone,” Fate said. “Between my courses and internships in the real world, I really learned a lot about business.”

Fate said he is hoping to expand Dogdration into the mass market, with his ultimate goal being to have it available at pet specialty stores as well as organic chains, such as Whole Foods.

And although Dogdration might be a little out of the price range of the average college student at $3.99 per 20 ounce bottle, Fate said he intends to do something positive with his company.

“We’re going to donate a percentage of our profits to pet shelters across the country,” Fate said. “Pets give so much to us, the least we can do is give back.”  

For more information on Dogdration, visit

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More about Brian Fate
Age: 26
Alma mater: CSU, graduated in 2007 with a natural resources degree
Developed: Dogdration, a brand of electrolyte and vitamin-enhanced water for dogs
For more information on Dogdration, visit

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