May 062010
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Vice President Jennifer Babos’s boyfriend Nathan Fiedler was ratified as chief of staff by student government Senate Wednesday night.

The position, which is third in command in the Associated Students of CSU, works directly under the president and oversees other members of the president’s cabinet.

Tim Hole, current vice president for ASCSU, said when a group of college students work closely and spend a significant amount of time together, “relationships are bound to form.”

“I don’t necessarily think it looks bad,” Hole said regarding any perceived conflict of interest between Babos and Fiedler, adding that Fiedler will serve as the fourth ASCSU chief of staff.

Fielder worked as executive assistant to Hole on-and-off during Hole’s tenure.

President-elect Cooper Anderson reassured the Senate of Babos’s distance from the interviewing process and urged Senate to approve his nomination. Fielder’s salary is set at $5,000 for the year.

“I’ve never seen someone who is so motivated and able to get people on board,” Anderson said, adding that Fiedler’s goals fall in line with those of his administration.

During the ratification process, ASCSU Sen. Ben Weiner voiced his concern with the potential for interoffice conflict. The organization has a history of inner-office relationships, but Weiner said because Anderson seemed confident in his appointment, Weiner didn’t think “that alone should sink him.”

When asked how he would balance his duties as chief of staff and his relationship with Babos, Fiedler said when on the job, his responsibility is working for students.

“When I’m in the office, there’s not going to be any (Public Displays of Affection),” he said. “We’re definitely at that level where we can separate the office from relationships.”

While Fiedler and Babos will have some interaction, Anderson said, the chief of staff serves as a direct link between the president and his cabinet.

“He knows how to keep me focused and on task,” Anderson said. “There is nobody I’d rather have.”

Hole said under his and ASCSU President Dan Gearhart’s administration the working relationship between the vice president and third in command consisted of a weekly meeting to discuss cabinet goals.

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