May 062010
Authors: Rachel Childs

Don’t be alarmed if you see a rampant group of students hauling their butts down campus in nothing but their panties tonight.

This is not the sign of students completely losing their minds. It’s the third annual CSU Undie Run.

Tonight at 11 p.m., students are encouraged to come to the Lory Student Center Plaza, strip down to their skivvies and run around campus.

Clothing shed at the event will be donated to survivors of the violent earthquakes that wrecked Haiti and Chile earlier this year.

Financial coordinator for the Undie Run, Michele Hynes, started the donation idea for her group communications class.

“It was the perfect opportunity to work together and have different sponsors to go towards the cause,” Hynes said.

Chandler Stewart, president of the Undie Run organization, participated for the last two years. He decided to begin the organization to get more funding and participation for a good cause.

He thought of no better way than incorporating it into an activity that students already enjoy.

“That’s a really simple way to do a great thing for the community,” Stewart said.

Former student Josh Heuerman started the event two years ago to combat the tedium of finals week.

“I did it a little bit for fun and do something kind of crazy,” Heuerman said.

Runners will begin their journey on the Plaza, parade west on Laurel Street to Meridian Street and back through the plaza.

Junior business major Melissa Carlson said she looks forward to running with her friends.

“I think it’s also a good way to promote healthy body images and to help people of all shapes and sizes and waistlines to come out and strip their clothes and be completely comfortable,” Carlson said
The Undie Run group will be on the plaza at 10 a.m. today to give students a chance to sign up and be a part of a budding tradition.

Police will be monitoring the event. No nudity or alcohol is allowed, but funny costumes are highly encouraged.

“The more ridiculous people come in, the more fun you get out of it,” Stewart said.

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