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May 042010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

We’re sick of these friggin’ pine beetles screwing up our forest. These little creatures are feeding on our beautiful Colorado trees, rendering them useless both aesthetically and commercially.

These beetles cause a significant number of trees to topple, experts estimate 100,000 will fall each day for the next decade in national forests.

According to an Associated Press story, national forests in Wyoming and Colorado will be forced to close if these beetle-killed trees aren’t removed, and quickly.

Trees are falling on roads and trails and are a safety concern, Regional Forester Rick Cables told the U.S. House Agriculture Committee.

The Forest Service spent $40 million last year to clear 3.6 million acres of trees affected by the pine beetles.

But Cables told the AP that in order to clear trees along the forest’s 3,000 miles roads and other infrastructure, the project would cost about $100,000 million.

“We really appreciate the $40 million,” he said to the AP. “But the scale of this problem is very large.”

One Colorado company is calling on the federal government for another $57 million in funding to help logging efforts. And we’re jumping on board.

These national forests serve our communities both in the form of recreation –– like fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities –– and our economy in the form of tourism and logging. Not to mention they are a beautiful stamp on our great state.

And aid to help clear these forests would not only spark a few thousand job opportunities for logging companies, but it would also help keep these parks open so that all may experience their beauty and use.

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