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Authors: Ian Bezek, Josh Phillips

Carry on the good fight, ASCSU
By Josh Phillips

When you think of the Associated Students of CSU, do you think of a joke with no punch line? Or do you see it as an important organization that represents the voice of the student body?

I lie somewhere in between these two views. My first semester at CSU was fall 2004, and since that time I have yet to see or hear about ASCSU accomplishing anything groundbreaking. On occasion, it will challenge Fort Collins in the 3-Unrelated law or fight to gain a seat on the CSU System Board of Governors, but it never seems to gain any notable momentum.

But the “big” issues are important. Should ASCSU give up the fight simply because the odds are against them?

Of course not. If they give up these large issues, there is nobody left to take their place. Students are incredibly scattered, with homework and extracurricular activities taking up their free time. It’s unlikely that the 3-Unrelated law will ever be defeated if left to students.

ASCSU has proven that they’re incapable of choosing decent “small” issues as shown by efforts to light the “A” above Hughes Stadium.

I recall my parents repeating this maxim many times during my youth: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” ASCSU has proven that they are capable of constantly working on the big issues –– and I believe ASCSU will one day succeed in all their efforts.

What message will we send to the Fort Collins community if we give up on 3-Unrelated? What will the Board of Governors realize if we discontinue our fight for a seat?

Surrendering will send a clear signal that we no longer have the drive to stick it to the man. I’m a big fan of sticking it to the man — and it’ll be a shame if the day comes that ASCSU decides they can no longer do it.

Josh Phillips is a senior business administration major. Letters and feedback can be sent to

ASCSU should focus more on campus issues
By Ian Bezek

While I respect the Associated Students of CSU’s efforts at trying to reach for the stars and try to achieve big goals, it seems these efforts just aren’t working.

I applaud ASCSU for making a determined push with three unrelated and the Board of Governors vote, but trying just doesn’t get the job done.

While I encourage ASCSU to keep being a voice for the large-scale student issues, I think they need to refocus their efforts on campus issues and try to find a better balance between fighting the big battles and making measurable achievable improvements here on campus.

In our editorial board meeting Monday, we were discussing the achievements of the current ASCSU president Dan Gearhart and vice president Tim Hole.

While they did a great job of pressuring leaders on the big issues, they failed to meet or only half-heartedly fulfilled the campaign promises they made on more local campus issues.

For instance, both the textbook exchange and the Office of Sustainability that Dan and Tim promised have been created, but they’ve failed to make much of a measurable impact as best as I can tell.

I’d encourage ASCSU to keep focusing on achievable goals, such as free printing, a robust textbook exchange program, sensible environmental efforts like the recycling bins added a few years ago by ASCSU and other small beneficial programs that will make our university a better place.

It’s great that ASCSU fights the big fights, but they can’t lose track of the day-to-day things that student government can do to improve our school.

Editorials Editor Ian Bezek is a senior economics major. His column appears Mondays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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