May 022010
Authors: Abel Oshevire

CSU President Tony Frank handed over the keys of the President’s Office golf cart Friday to Rose Kreston, director of Resources for Disabled Students or RDS. The cart was purchased during Larry Penley’s administration for primary use by CSU’s Ram Tracks tour program.

Frank made the donation to RDS following a request from Associated Students of CSU President Dan Gearhart and Vice President Tim Hole.

“The cart was being under-used. So when they both came to me with the idea of donating it to RDS, I knew it was a great idea,” Frank said.

He added that he believed donating this cart to RDS was absolutely the right decision.

Hole, who works closely with the Committee for Disabled Students, said he was excited that this donation had become a reality.

“Gearhart and I brought this up while having a conversation with Dr. Frank back in August. He asked us to put in a formal request, which we did,” Hole said. “I strongly believe this donation is indicative of the changes taking place in the university.”

The cart will continue to be housed at the motor pool, but RDS will control who uses it and will make it available for students with permanent or temporary disabilities who need assistance getting around campus.

RamTracks can borrow it from RDS as needed for occasional tours and major campus events.

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