Apr 302010
Authors: Jordyn Dahl

Former secretary of state Colin Powell told about 8,000 students and community members Friday night to remain optimistic about the United States’ achievements and stressed the importance of developing leaders around the world.

“Great leaders motivate people,” he said. “We need leaders with integrity who are willing to sacrifice their own well being for the well being of their organization.”

Powell, who spoke in Moby arena as part of the grand opening for the College of Business’s Rockwell Hall-West, also touched on the critical impact education has on society and expressed concern over the current problems the nation faces with students dropping out before graduating high school.

“This is criminal and atrocious,” he said when speaking of the high drop out rates especially among minorities and under-privileged students.

The night ended with CSU’s President Tony Frank giving Powell two departing gifts from the university: a promise from the students of CSU who are obtaining their degrees to make the world a better place and a CSUnity t-shirt for Powell and every member of his family.

And that suited Powell just fine.

“This is the best gift you could give me,” he said.

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