Apr 292010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Despite promises to Latino activists that he would address illegal immigration, President Barack Obama has decided to let this promise go unfulfilled. He announced Thursday that lawmakers lacked the “appetite” to take on immigration, and thus he would be dropping the issue from his agenda.

While we understand that it is an election year, and that Congress has its plate full with climate change and financial reform legislation, this is one campaign promise Obama shouldn’t have broken.

The ruckus raised over the last week in response to Arizona’s controversial law shows that this is an issue that is on the minds of many Americans, including those who don’t live in border states.

We see this enthusiasm locally as CSU students have planned a walk out from classes today in protest of the Arizona law.

As several commentators have made clear on our opinion pages this week, we need national reform to solve the illegal immigration problem.

Whether you like Arizona’s law or not, it’s clear that single state’s actions are not capable of resolving the illegal immigration mess. We need comprehensive immigration reform.

Some combination of border enforcement, policing of companies that hire illegals and the creation of a guest worker program will solve or at least reduce the violence, drug trafficking and job losses caused by illegal immigration.

Without needed national reform, states like Arizona will keep passing controversial and questionable laws because they feel they have no other option.

Until the federal government acts, the situation in border states will continue to deteriorate, and more laws will be passed that threaten people’s civil rights.

It’s too bad the federal government won’t be acting this year because our leaders don’t have the “appetite” to solve this pressing issue.

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