Apr 282010
Authors: Adam Bohlmeyer

The spring football season may be over, but the competition between the CSU Rams offense and defense is just beginning.

The third annual Rams Superstars competition is scheduled for 6 p.m. today at Moby Arena and is set to feature the football team’s final offense vs. defense battle of the spring. Players are expected to compete in a wide range of events including weight lifting, obstacle courses and even a tug-o-war.

CSU head coach Steve Fairchild started the Superstars competition during his first season with the Rams. Now, entering his third year, the former quarterback said the competition is a great way to grow the football program.

While fans are encouraged to attend the free event, Fairchild said it’s most importantly a way to help build a competitive attitude in his team.

“We want the program to be as competitive as possible,” he said. “You either have a competitive nature, or you don’t. The players get a chance to out lift someone or out run another guy. It really brings out that competitive nature we’re looking for.”

CSU offensive coordinator Pat Meyer agreed with Fairchild, but said the Superstars competition will be fun for the fans as well.

“We do it for the team, but then we open it up to the public and get them involved so they can support us,” said Meyer, who’s taking over offensive coordinator duties this season. “They only see us with helmets on the field, and you don’t get to see players this way.”

Following the event, fans are encouraged to come onto the court to meet players and ask for autographs.

The Rams offense and defense have already competed in a series of inner squad scrimmages, with the defense coming out on top the majority of the time. CSU linebacker Ricky Brewer said the defense doesn’t plan on taking it easy on the offense during the Superstars competition, and added that it’s a great way to finish of the semester because fans get to see who players are.

“It’s the most fun event of the spring,” Brewer, a senior, said. “It’s a chance for players’ personalities to show and let their hair down a little bit. It’s good for the players and it’s good for the university.”

Brewer added that it’s critical for the event to have a good turnout tonight and the more people who come, the better it will make the team.

“It’s for everyone, and it’s important to us to have fan participation,” he said. “Usually when someone has a crowd they are going to put forth their best effort.”

Coaches headed to Ramskeller

Four CSU coaches are looking forward to meeting you.

Football coach Steve Fairchild, men’s basketball coach Tim Miles, women’s basketball coach Kristen Holt and volleyball coach Tom Hilbert are set to spend time in the Ramskeller this afternoon, giving students a chance to talk and share a meal with them.

Fairchild said he’s excited for the opportunity to spend time with the student body.

“Any chance I can get to meet a student and tell them thanks for coming to our games, I’ll take that opportunity,” he said. “Our student sections have been great the past few seasons.”

The event is scheduled to run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with free food and an opportunity to talk with the coaches.

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