Apr 272010
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Tonight, student government will cast its final vote on the proposed student fee package, or “Long Bill,” which includes a $116.34 increase per semester for students taking 15 credits.

If approved, the “Long Bill,” which is the comprehensive student fee package introduced to the Associated Students of CSU Senate last week, would endorse upping the fees students are asked to pay each semester from $784.06 to $864.40 for a student taking 15 credits, said ASCSU Vice President Tim Hole.

While student government voted “yes” for the “Long Bill” last week, as a formality, a second vote will be taken tonight. ASCSU’s vote on the bill serves only as a recommendation to the CSU System Board of Governors, which has ultimate authority on budget issues.

“We do this with some bills,” Hole said, “so the circumstances of the evening don’t influence the outcome of the bill.”

Jack Becker, a liberal arts senator, said he’s hoping for a big student turnout because he thinks last week’s vote was “undercover.”

Funding entities that have requested additional funding are:
-The Association for Student Activity Programming, ASAP, – $3.50 annually,
ASCSU – $1.50 annually,
-Campus Recreation – $1.80 annually,
-Facilities – $5 per credit hour, or $150 annually for a 15-credit student, and
-The School of the Arts – $5.88 annually.

On top of the 90-cent increase to Campus Recreation for the funding of a full-time injury-care position, students will see an additional $35, which was approved in 2008, added to the bill.

The 2008 increase was granted for renovations because the previous bond had expired, but doesn’t go into effect until next year due to an agreement that students wouldn’t see the charge until the 2010-2011 school year.

“They didn’t want students to pay more for a service they weren’t using,” said Hole, who also serves as Student Fee Review Board chair.

SFRB serves as an advising body to the BOG and spends the spring semester hearing budget proposals from all university departments that receive student dollars.

The current ASCSU allocation is just more than $1.7 million; the increase would up its budget $33,562. The budget approval was put on emergency status and approved during last week’s Senate meeting.

The request for additional ASCSU funding split the SFRB vote in half, and, as chair, Hole had to break the tie, passing the budget.

ASCSU President-elect Cooper Anderson and Vice President-elect Jennifer Babos’ budget projection requested an increase to direct $15,308 to Student Media, $6,000 to Student Funding Board and $5,000 to producing the student handbook. The extra $2,255 not allocated to those three areas will be distributed throughout the budget.

If approved by the BOG, ASAP’s increase will go to fund more co-programming with other student organizations and student-initiated programs. The School of the Art’s increase would fund additional creative services positions and production costs.

Facilities currently receives $10 per credit hour – $300 each year – from students, and with the $5 increase would see an $150 increase fund a series of projects, including the construction of a $30 million Engineering II building.

Other buildings that would be affected include: Eddy Hall, The Morgan Library, Animal Sciences, the Forestry Building and the Visual Arts Building.

The total for the overhaul equates to $54 million, according to the Facilities budget presentation to SFRB.

The Facilities Management Department originally asked SFRB for an additional $300 per year, but the University Facility Fee Advisory Board talked the department down to an increase of $150.

Senior Reporter Kirsten Silveira can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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