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Apr 262010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to six CSU Rams football players making it to the NFL It’s just too bad that there were six players of that caliber on our team, and we still went 3-9. Wow.

Nay | to just more than a week from finals. Nothing like fitting 15 weeks worth of cramming in just a week’s time.

Yay | to Fort Collins –– the Choice City. Our humble abode just received $10,000 from Newman’s Own for its efforts.

Nay | to the oil rig spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Look on the bright side though, free oil for all the fishes in the deep blue sea.

Yay | to spaying and neutering. Bob Barker was right. Remember, always spay and neuter your pets … and Sarah Palin.

Nay | to the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets. Losing streaks are only for losers … oh wait.

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