Apr 262010
Authors: Darian Warden

It’s the day before finals; you have Facebook open on your computer screen, headphones in, cell phone on, textbook and highlighter in hand. You don’t intend to move from the library for the next seven hours.

These are just some of the things students learned not to do at Monday’s Final Frenzy workshop. At the workshop, students like Anna Talarico, a sophomore biomedical sciences major, honed their time management skills and study habits.

“In the past, I would just read the book and do a lot of cramming before the tests,” Talarico said. Students were given a calendar for the next three weeks and told to fill out each day with designated study hours and to stick to it.

Students were taught the importance of spacing out intense study for short periods of time and to turn off all distractions. For every hour spent studying, instructors suggested students take a 10-minute break.

Test takers were encouraged to begin studying this week and taught how to test and quiz themselves on their course material.

All of the workshop’s attendees were either sophomores or freshman. The workshop facilitator, Aziza Bayou, called the workshop a great opportunity for the underclassmen to learn important study skills earlier in their college careers.

“This program lays out a lot of basic skills that aren’t necessarily taught in any of the classes,” Bayou said.

A part of the workshop was spent teaching how to calculate GPAs and how to figure out what grades will be needed on finals to attain certain overall grades for the class.

“It’s easier to salvage your grade when you know where you’re at,” Bayou said.

Heather Landers, coordinator of the workshop through The Institute of Learning and Teaching, or TiLT, said the workshop is important for students because, “when crunch time comes, it’s better to have a plan.” Landers said the workshop was meant to inspire students to start planning early.

Students like Talarico left the workshop saying they felt more prepared to do better on their finals this semester.

“I’m glad I found out what not to do, because I was definitely doing a lot of those things,” she said.

The workshop will run two more days: Tuesday at 1 and 7 p.m. and Wednesday at 4 p.m. It will be held in room 105 of the TiLT building.

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Final Frenzy Workshop

When: Today: 1 and 7 p.m. and Wednesday: 4 p.m.

Where: Room 105, The Institute of Learning and Teaching, or TiLT

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