Apr 262010
Authors: Jack Becker, ASCSU senator, junior communication studies major

Regarding Thursday’s Collegian article titled “Student Government approves $116.34 fee increase,” I’d like to say that as a member of the Senate I always appreciate any coverage and consideration by the Collegian, as I know reporting on an issue takes a great deal of time. I am concerned, however, about the lack of clarity within the article.

A student fee increase of this magnitude deserves a great deal of attention from our Student Media, as well as our students at large. This is my greater concern, that students will feel this decision has already been made and in the process feel their student government has left them out of the decision-making process.

First, this vote was just one of the two necessary by the Senate to send this bill, called the “Long Bill,” to the CSU System Board of Governors for consideration. To my knowledge, the BOG has never gone against the recommendation of the Associated Students of CSU Senate. Second, the article did not report on a 75-cent increase to the ASCSU student fee.

This increase totals $33,000 and was passed with an executive budget seeing nearly $30,000 in salary increases, as well as the re-crafting of several departments and a $15,000 increase to Student Media, as you know.

There was no mention of a $35 increase on top of the 90-cent increase to campus recreation. This $35 increase was approved in 2008 for construction of the Recreation Center addition to be put into place once the building was completed (scheduled for August 2010).

Lastly, there were members of the body who spoke out against this bill, there were members who made researched statements in support or opposition and there were members of the body who stayed quiet the whole time –– this deserves reporting to put pressure on ensuring at the very least a better process in the future.

The ASCSU Senate is the final body of the students to make a recommendation to the BOG, and likewise, I hope our Student Media as well as students at large can play a role in this process as Senate acts as the voice of the students. There is no more appropriate place along the line for students to speak than in Senate.

I hope that you share my sentiments that this is an issue that should not be taken lightly, and the students of CSU need to know about the process being taken to make a recommendation and about their continued opportunities to come to Senate, where any person is welcome to make comments during the gallery input session at 6:30 p.m. and throughout our regular scheduled meeting time.

I hope this issue will be immediately taken up by the Collegian and our student media group at large, as it is both timely and sensitive in nature.

The very same Collegian article discusses the potential for a “massive tuition overhaul,” which could cause tuition at CSU to rise more than the current 9 percent cap. Our student fees are very much a part of this number.

Jack Becker is an ASCSU Senator and junior communication studies major. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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