Apr 212010

Up until now, privatizing Colorado’s higher education program has only been a looming possibility that keeps our leaders up at night.

But now, according to state officials, it’s a lot more likely.

In a move that will certainly outrage constituents of the program and possibly put many students including ones here at CSU out of an education, a measure was unveiled Wednesday by prominent state lawmakers Josh Penry and John Morse, Republican and Democrat, respectively, looks to bring in $300 million for the system solely from tuition.

Morse, who represents a shift in his party against abolishing public higher education, said it is the responsibility of students to secure their future.

The legislation is meant to relieve the pressure the state is feeling in funding its largest program that is not mandated to grow. And it might. But, at the same time, it will effectively make higher education far less accessible in Colorado than it already is.

According to many Collegian sources, this model will herald a largely draconian model for society down the road in that Colorado will fall still farther behind in its funding for colleges and universities.

Ranked among the last states in the country, it already has a pretty bad rap sheet.

To Senators Morse and Penry: It is the responsibility of the state to secure its future through perpetuating a system that educates its people.

Please, Colorado legislators, for the love of an educated populace and the continuation of the American dream here, don’t send this through.

We’ve already seen a similar thing happen in California (and they’re screwed). Do we really want the same thing to happen here?

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