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Authors: Kate Frasure

It’s 70 degrees, and the CSU campus is basking in the sunlight. Junior health and exercise science major Anna Klochak would like nothing more than to be outside as she gazes out the window, but she admits that she needs to study.

A Bob Marley calendar on her wall with a big circle and a tree drawn on the 22nd of April, Earth Day, is enough to catch any onlooker’s eye.

“I guess you could consider me a hippy,” said Klochak, who is looking forward to Earth Day.

Each year, the 21 year old celebrates the holiday by attending CSU’s Earth Day and Student Sustainability Fair held on the Lory Student Plaza.

“It is just a day to enjoy the Earth,” Klochak said. “Plus, it gives me an excuse to be outside.”

For Klochak, conserving water and recycling has been a part of her lifestyle since she was little. She recalls her parents always telling her to turn off the water when she brushed her teeth, and she grew an appreciation for conservation.

“When I was little, I would always be outdoors playing something. But nowadays, kids seem to stay inside and play video games or watch TV,” Klochak said. “It just seems that people don’t get as exposed to the same outdoors activities these days.”

Klochak said she attributes most of her choice to go green to her roommate and lifelong friend Sonja Koldewyn, an environmental engineer major.

Koldewyn, who has always had an interest in environmental issues, said her dad was her biggest influence in always making her conscience of saving.

“I think my dad was more concerned with saving money when he would tell me to watch how much water I was using when I washed dishes,” Koldewyn said.

Kolchak said while she grew up with Koldewyn, she grew accustomed to living more environmentally friendly.

Now as young adults, the roommates’ intuitive nature to save stays with them as they live on their own. Both students try to live more energy conscious by recycling, turning off lights and unplugging appliances that are not in use.

Living in Colorado, they say, inspires an appreciation for living in an environmentally sustainable way.

Both students take advantage of the many outdoor activities Colorado has to offer, such as rock climbing, skiing and most importantly biking.

Each roommate owns her own road and mountain bike, which they habitually ride to school, work and around town.

“We bike everywhere we can,” Klochak said.

“We’re just too stubborn to take the bus,” Koldewyn added.

Although both students trace their recycling and conservation habits back to their parents, they still try to motivate their family and friends as much as possible to become more environmentally conscious.

Klochak said CSU is more environmental conscious than other universities, but feels it could do more.

“We don’t have any compost bins,” Klochak said. “So when Spoons in Allison uses all these compostable materials, you have nowhere to put it in besides the trash.”

She said she has seen a difference in the buildings on campus with using more natural light, but more needs to be done to educate people on other methods of helping the environment.

Klochak added that the government seems to be going in the right direction with tax breaks for installing solar panels because with more incentives people will become more motivated to do the work.

“You just need to realize that what you do effects the earth,” Klochak said.

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