Apr 212010
Authors: Justyna Tomtas

The Associated Students of CSU Senate approved the Long Bill, a comprehensive student package fee for next year, late Wednesday night, which could increase student fees by $116.34 for each full time, on-campus student for the fall and spring semester.

Dan Gearhart, president of ASCSU, assured the Senate that the Student Fee Review Board made an educated decision while evaluating each increase presented to the review board.
“The recommendations came from a body that did their research. They made the best judgment for the students at that time,” Gearhart said during the Senate session.

The total student fee package for 2010 is $714.40 a semester for full-time students.

The approved student fee packaged includes an increase in the university Facility Fee from the current $10 per credit hour every semester to $15, or $450 annually based on 15 credits a semester. The department originally asked for a $10 increase but was talked down by the University Facility Fee Advisory Board.

ASCSU President-elect Cooper Anderson said that, although the Facility Fee is a large increase, he fully supports it.

Tim Sellers, ASCSU chief of staff, said that the proposed project to construct the Engineering II Building, which is in part paid by the increase in fees, is needed because the engineering school is the fastest growing college at CSU.

“If we approve this building, it’s a great investment to your degree because your degree will be stronger,” Sellers said.

Other projects the facilities fee increase will pay for are:
A $16.4 million expansion and renovation of The Morgan Library,
$2 million renovation to the Eddy Building,
$2 million upgrades to the Visual Arts Building,
$2 million renovations to the Animal Science Building,
$1 million upgrades to the Forestry Building, and
$1 million upgrades to miscellaneous classrooms around campus.

Included in the increases is a $1.75 increase for the Association for Student Activity Programming, a 90-cent increase for Campus Recreation totaling $115.58 per student per semester and a $2.94 increase for the School of the Arts.

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