Apr 202010
Authors: Jordyn Dahl

Fumes of pot drifting in the air, people swaying to the tunes of Good Gravy, more ranch than should ever be consumed in a day and two half-naked girls wrestling in a tub filled with milk and mayonnaise.

“It’s fun, but it’s honestly humiliating,” said Wendy Hart, one of the wrestlers. “It’s my third time wrestling.”

This was the scene at Cheba Hut’s block party Tuesday in celebration of 4/20, the so-called stoner’s holiday.

The party consisted of the wrestling, a ranch chugging competition, music, beer and a lot of pot.

While no one smoked marijuana visibly in front of the crowd and police officers patrolling the block, its smell filled the air for
passersby just in case they forgot about the holiday.

As the day progressed, ranch became an abundant condiment in more way than one.

There were the sandwiches and chips, all served on Frisbees that the buyers got to keep. And then there was the ranch chugging contest for which stoners and community members alike chugged a bowl of ranch in hopes of winning $100 and a free year of Cheba Hut sandwiches.

The winner, Matt Moscher, chugged the fastest with his time coming to 15.94 seconds.

Why would one subject themselves to a lactose intolerant’s worst nightmare?
“Because I love ranch. I chug syrup for money, so this is nothing,” said Fort Collins community member Casey Callahan, a participant in the contest.

Although he didn’t win the competition, he put in a valiant, if not disgusting effort.

While the block party occurs every year on 4/20, it is not done just in celebration of the day, said Cheba Hut owner Scott Jennings.

“It’s more than God bless the freaks,” he said. “It’s because spring is here, and the weather is nice.”

Jennings has been in the Cheba Hut business since 1998 and in Fort Collins for the past seven years. He first started the 4/20 celebration in Arizona, but brought the tradition with him when he relocated.

The celebration was originally held in the building, but has grown in the past years, causing the city to shut down the street for the block party.

“It’s bigger each year,” Jennings said. “Next year will be even bigger.”

Staff writer Jordyn Dahl can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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