The secret of 4/20

Apr 192010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Hey. Psst!

Yeah, look down. This is “Our View.” No, no, we’re not really talking to you out loud, unless you’ve been participating in festivities early.

But come closer. We’ve got to tell you a secret. Closer. Closer.

Slap! Not that close you idiot. People are staring.

Do you know what today is? It’s April 20. The year is 2010, but that doesn’t matter. It’s springtime, the flowers are blooming –– among other things, classes are wrapping up and summer is just around the corner.

But today is a day of a greater importance in some circles. These peoples hail from the land of “Stone,” and today is their Fourth of July of sorts.

These “Stoners” have been seen gathering in places every April 20 for many years now.

The origins of this celebration have been widely debated. Some say it formed on the campuses of higher education. Others say it formed in the annals of police blotter.

No matter the history, such hazy festivities have struck a chord with many youths across this nation, including a large group of Trustifarians to the south in Boulder.

The sacred herb, which goes by many names like grass, weed, ganja and others, is the center focus of all rituals.

Like many other religions, there are the strictly devout and the occasional participants. But today, most believers will gather in open spaces to defy local authorities with their smoking of the sacred herb.

So, if you wish to participate in today’s celebration, please consider any consequences and be safe, or SAFER. Which ever.

Oh, and please no flash photography around the devout “Stoners,” for they may have not left their parents’ basement since last 4/20.

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