Apr 152010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The CSU System Board of Governors should just give up the fight.

In what sets a strong precedent for gun bans on university campuses in Colorado, the CU-Boulder Board of Regents lost a law suit Thursday filed by their university’s chapter of Students for Concealed Carry, who said the gun ban violates two Colorado laws, one of them constitutional.

The Colorado Court of Appeals decided that CU’s existing concealed carry policy, which disallowed students from having guns in their cars or carrying on campus, was unconstitutional and violated the Colorado concealed carry statute.

Funny that this decision rides the coattails of the CSU governing board doing away with its students’ right to carry concealed weapons –– a choice that blatantly ignored the huge number of students who spoke out against it and embroiled the university in one of its most intense controversies in recent memory.

The Collegian talked to lawyers Thursday who said that, in light of the new decision, it would be impossible for the university to keep its ban.

And a lawsuit filed against Tony Frank and the BOG the previous night by the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, with students listed as plaintiffs, only strengthens the voice behind that statement.

Hopefully, instead of spending scarce university money –– our money –– on a lost cause that students don’t support, the board will decide to throw in the towel for this battle, because the RMGO has already won.

Really, BOG, just repeal the ban.

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