Apr 152010
Authors: Joe E. Goings

Today marks the first annual Day Without Hate at CSU, an all-day event with the purpose of stopping violence on school campuses.

“I’ve seen what happens when people choose hate,” said sophomore sociology major Katie Chew, who is in charge of advertising for the event. “It has such a negative impact. It blows my mind because it’s so easy to be kind. (Kindness) is something to treasure.”

The event itself began in 2007 at Standley Lake High School in Westminster after the Virginia Tech shooting. Event organizers asked people to wear white for a day to raise awareness about school violence. The event was so well received that it was continued the following year and has spread to schools across Colorado.

The event was brought to CSU by freshman Beau Loendorf, who helped start the day at Columbine High School in 2009.
Loendorf is the president of the student organization of the same name, whose purpose is to plan, advertise and execute the program.

Some of the activities going on at the event include music, games, a puzzle, guest speakers and Ramblings, CSU’s a cappella group.
In addition to CSU, five local elementary schools are participating in the day as well. Each of the schools will have a puzzle piece to be put together on the West Lawn, symbolizing unity and togetherness.

“I like that it’s raising awareness and promoting the prevention of hate, even in elementary schools,” sophomore resort and restaurant management major Alice Kirkman said, who is also in charge of advertising.

Loendorf said he knows how meaningful this day is and wants people to see its significance.

“Seeing what this day meant to so many people hasn’t left me,” Loendorf said. “I’ve witnessed what this day brought to schools and the community, and that made me want to continue it. … I want everyone to be impacted in one way or another.”
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