Apr 152010
Authors: Ryan Sheine

Lesley Hollywood became director of Northern Colorado’s Tea Party 10 months ago because she was concerned about the future of her two young children.

As the party director, she led a protest of about 1,000 residents on Thursday, the last day to file taxes. This was the party’s second annual tax day rally.

Men and women of all ages, races and religious backgrounds gathered in the park behind City Hall with concerns to voice.

Some had signs, some had flyers and some wore patriotic-themed costumes; nearly all of them shared a discontent for the current state of their country.

“The majority of the people here are really frustrated with the spending in Washington D.C.,” Hollywood said, “and ultimately it’s the taxpayers who are liable.”

Hollywood’s belief that both political parties have become corrupt has brought the Tea Party cause close to her heart.

“I’m afraid that if we continue to spend at the rate we spend that we won’t be able to send our kids to college, especially with the way the economy is going,” Hollywood said.

From here, Hollywood and the Northern Colorado Tea Party will be encouraging people and research candidates who respect the value of the constitution and fiscal responsibility to get involved.

Eric Roche, a sophomore political science major, is not a member of the Tea Party but attended the rally to let people know there are college students who study and believe in Austrian economics, civil liberties and the constitution.

Roche was at the rally representing the student organization Young Americans for Liberty, of which he is the president.

The most important message of Young Americans for Liberty is to educate students on why the current economic and social policies are having a negative impact on America, Roche said.

“We believe in state’s rights, individual liberties and we disagree with the federal government which has overstepped its constitutional boundaries,” Roche said.

Roche said he and Young Americans for Liberty want to see a real political discussion happen on campus based on knowledge, history, literature and philosophy.

“We want to create a more informed electorate that knows the arguments of Jefferson, Madison, Rothbard and Von Hayek,” Roche said.

Former Colorado gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez was the main speaker at the rally.

Beauprez said during his speech that the country is locked in an epic battle between those who believe in the power of the self and those who believe in the power of the state.

“Lower wages, lower employment, more jobs being sent overseas; it is all about jobs –– jobs lost,” Beauprez said.

“We believe in the greatness of and goodness of America,” Beauprez said. “Mr. Obama, we want our country back.”

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